Golmoradizadeh Ali   4/11/2016 12:00:00 AM

Nowadays saving the irremediable tooth under the old method has low risk success, or in some cases it is impossible. This study suggests a method that could predict a good prognosis after the operation. This case was, a crownless upper right 2nd premolar with a big periapical lesion that extended the periradicular area also, with initial palatal root resorption . Upon examination Chronic Preapical Periodontitis diagnosed. After RCT, the tooth was extracted, curetting and irrigation of the socket was done, fill ¼ of the socket with hydroxyapatite and reimplant the tooth, during the reimplantation adjustment of the crown to root ratio considered as well ,then was splinted to the adjacent teeth for two weeks, Antibiotic was prescribed to the patient for 7 days. Radiographic examination after two years shows that no more lesions are seen in the periapical and periradicular area, there was no mobility, and root resorption was aborted, and the tooth was in healthy condition.

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