Ceno Valve

Allograft bio-implants for cardiac and vascular procedures. Suitable for a wide variety of complex congenital heart defects and adults with extensive valvular disease as well as for managing vascular reconstruction including aortic stenosis or atresia, hypoplastic left heart, repair of RVOTs (Right Ventricular Outflow Tract), pulmonary atresia, truncus arteriosus, Ross procedure, single ventricle/double outlet (Fontan), hypoplastic left heart (modified Fontan), tetralogy of Fallot, RVOT/ root enlargement procedures, ASD/VSD repair, transposition of great vessels, Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), Infected Synthentic Graft Replacement etc.


  • Aortic stenosis or atresia
  • Hypoplastic left heart
  • repair of RVOTs (Right Ventricular Outflow Tract)
  • pulmonary atresia
  • truncus arteriosus
  • Ross procedure
  • single ventricle/double outlet (Fontan)
  • ...


Code Item Size
703109 Aortic heart valve D: 9mm
703111 Aortic heart valve D: 11mm
703113 Aortic heart valve D: 13mm
703115 Aortic heart valve D: 15mm
703117 Aortic heart valve D: 17mm
703119 Aortic heart valve D: 19mm
703121 Aortic heart valve D: 21mm
703123 Aortic heart valve D: 23mm
703125 Aortic heart valve D: 25mm
703127 Aortic heart valve D: 27mm
703129 Aortic heart valve D: 29mm
703131 Aortic heart valve D: 31mm
713109 Pulmonary heart valve D: 9mm
713111 Pulmonary heart valve D: 11 mm
713113 Pulmonary heart valve D: 13mm
713115 Pulmonary heart valve D: 15mm
713117 Pulmonary heart valve D: 17mm
713119 Pulmonary heart valve D: 19mm
713121 Pulmonary heart valve D: 21mm
713123 Pulmonary heart valve D: 23mm
713125 Pulmonary heart valve D: 25mm
713127 Pulmonary heart valve D: 27mm
713129 Pulmonary heart valve D: 29mm
713131 Pulmonary heart valve D: 31mm
703409-31 Aortic conduit D: 9-31mm
713409-31 Pulmonary conduit D: 9-31mm
713301 Hemi-pulmonary artery L= 20-80mm
713201 Mono cusp patch W/L varies
713501 Pulmonary patch 20×20mm
713502 Pulmonary patch 30×30mm
713503 Pulmonary patch 20×40mm
713504 Pulmonary patch 20×60mm
753401 Femoral artery D: 5-15mm , L<50mm
753402 Femoral artery D: 5-15mm , L=50-100mm
753403 Femoral artery D: 5-15mm , L>100mm
743401 Saphenous vein D: 2-4mm , L<40cm
743402 Saphenous vein D: 2-4mm , L=40-80cm
743403 Saphenous vein D: 2-4mm , L>80cm
423501 Pericardial patch 20×20mm
423502 Pericardial patch 30×30mm
423503 Pericardial Patch 40×40mm
423504 Pericardial Patch 50×50mm
423505 Pericardial Patch 60×60mm
423506 Pericardial patch 70×70mm
423507 Pericardial patch 80×80mm
423508 Pericardial patch 90×90mm
423509 Pericardial patch 100×100mm

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